Myths about interpreting

There has been not much discussion about sign language interpreting in Poland to date, not many people are familiar with the domain, the nature of interpreting and the profession of sign language interpreter have become obscured by many myths we would like to refute:

  1. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: in order to become an interpreter one only needs to know a language
  2. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: fidelity of interpretation = literal translation
  3. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: if the interpreter is proficient with a language s/he does not need to prepare to the interpreting
  4. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: SJM interpreting equals literal interpreting
  5. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: a CODA always makes a better interpreter than a non-CODA
  6. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: a good interpreter does need the support of another interpreter
  7. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: an interpreter is obliged to look after the Deaf person, help her/him in doing her/his errands and making decisions, or to deal with difficult issues for her/him
  8. IT IS NOT TRUE THAT: one does need to understand what s/he interprets.