Dla tłumaczy

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Welcome to the website of the Association of Polish Sign Language Interpreters (STPJM) – the first sign language interpreter organisation in Poland! Our association includes a variety of interpreters: hearing, CODAs, Deaf, both seasoned and beginners, working in the areas of highly specialised as well as everyday-life interpreting. What they all have in common is the knowledge of Polish Sign Language (PJM) and ambition to provide the highest-quality interpreting services.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with our website. We hope the information we present here will turn out useful for Polish Sign Language interpreters, Deaf and hearing customers as well as those who employ sign language interpreters. We encourage you to broaden your knowledge related to sign language interpreting – its norms and quality, the interpreter – her/his role and the demands s/he is supposed to meet as a professional, eventually with employing interpreters and working with them. We are open to your comments and suggestions regarding our website and the presented issues. We will be more than happy to meet your expectations in these respects. You are welcome to contact us here: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  • 02.08.17
    There are no translations available.

    Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Polskiego Języka Migowego (STPJM) zaprasza na szkolenie dla tłumaczy akademickich!

    Dzięki dofinansowaniu ze środków Województwa Mazowieckiego Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Polskiego Języka Migowego organizuje szkolenie „Profesjonalny tłumacz – samodzielny student”.