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Eligible to become a regular STPJM member entitled to exercise full membership rights shall be any person whose professional skills and ethical behaviour have been accepted by the STPJM Qualifying Committee.

Eligible to become a candidate STPJM member, conditionally for a two-year period, shall be any person in the course of acquiring education in the area of sign language interpreter and whose professional skills have been positively assessed by the STPJM Qualifying Committee. After the above period the membership status can be changed into a regular one. The candidate member is entitled to the same rights and duties as the regular member, with the exception of active and passive voting rights.

Eligible to become a contributing STPJM member shall be any natural or legal person accepted by the Board based on his/her written declaration specifying the kind and amount of his/her services for STPJM. Contributing member has the right to participate in the General Meeting with an advisory vote as well as the rights specified by the STPJM Enrolment Rules.

Eligible to become an honorary STPJM member shall be any person who is highly distinguished by his/her work for the community of Polish Sign Language interpreters.

Detailed information regarding STPJM membership can be found in the STPJM Statutes and the STPJM Enrolment Rules.