Our philosophy

Polish Sign Language (PJM) is the first language for about 50 thousand people. It is their means of communication, just like the Polish language is the means of communication of the hearing Poles. Alike sign languages all over the world, PJM is a complete, natural language which can be characterized by its own grammar and vocabulary independent from the Polish language.

Deaf people constitute a complex social group with its own language, culture, as well as history, social norms, values and needs. And despite the stereotypical belief that deaf people are disabled, their community should rather be perceived as a linguistic and cultural minority.

The assumption that Deaf community is a linguistic and cultural minority, the language of which is the Polish Sign Language, is fundamental for the functioning of STPJM. According to the adopted philosophy concerning language and culture of the Deaf, STJPM accepts the right of deaf people to access to information, knowledge, culture, art and communication by means of high quality interpreting services in their natural language.


Nasi Przyjaciele